Low Vision

Low Vision is a term that describes a reduction in vision in both eyes that significantly impairs the activities of daily living of the patient. This may or may not also be considered “legal blindness.” Typically the visual acuity of a low vision patient will range from 20/30 to 20/400 but the vision may be worse. Sadly, this reduction in vision cannot be adequately corrected with any medical therapy, surgical treatment, traditional glasses, or contact lenses.

Patients most often notice a loss of clear vision, but impairment may also present as a loss of field of vision, distorted vision, or loss of contrast. Low vision has many causes, and may occur from birth defects, injuries, strokes, corneal disease, or retinal disease. The most common cause we see in our clinic is age related macular degeneration.

The goal with each patient is to maximize the patient’s remaining vision. Your low vision doctor may prescribe prescription glasses, hand or stand magnifiers, closed circuit TV’s, independent living aids, eccentric viewing training and daily life counseling.

Low vision care doesn’t replace the need for other eye treatments, such as laser, medication, or surgery.

At, Magie-Mabrey Eye Clinic, we offer low vision products from Eschenbach, Designs for Vision, Independent Living, and others.

If you or a loved one has been told there’s nothing that can be done for your vision loss, please schedule an appointment for a low vision exam with Dr. Koontz or Dr. Strossner.

For more information regarding low vision services, please visit:

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